The Best Metal bed Frame you will ever have.

Don’t let your bed sit on the ground and collect dust-mites or dirt! Reinforce your mattress by placing it on top of our 100% Metal Bed Frames.

Manufactured in Italy since 1950. Our frames offer enhanced support, elasticity, easy to assemble and guaranteed to improve your sleep and even allow you to make the most out space by providing extra storage under your bed! Perfect for storing your luggage, personal belongings or even add an extra bed below for your guests.

- ONE Metal Bed Frame for TWO mattresses, easy, smart and space efficient.

20-Year Certificate of Warranty, Power coded, indestructible, Certified, the perfect solution for your Hotel, Home, Villa or Mansion in room sleep set up.

Call us for custom measurements whole sale and retail prices!!!
We manufacture in any size & any height.


Made in Italy
by Matermoll Srl

We deliver!

  • Life Time Durability
  • Indestructible
  • Low Maintenance
  • Storage Capability
  • Easy to Clean
  • Space Efficient
  • Easy Assembly
  • No wood bacteria, pest, mold and dust
  • Easy Shipping
  • Ten times better than boxes
  • Imported
  • Made in Italy